Contract with Myflexity Ltd.

A contractual agreement between you, the Inviting Company ("the Inviting Company") and Myflexity Ltd. HP 515811347 (hereinafter: "Myflexity").

Myflexity will provide workshops, lectures, training and other activities by connecting with qualified subcontractors to Israeli companies and organizations.

Types of activity:

  • Workshops: Succulent Planting/Cactus/Coconut/Organizing Plant. Duration depends on the number of participants in the workshop.

  • Training: Yoga/Pilates/Running/Kickboxing/Zumba/Functional Training/Hiit. Duration about 1 hour.

  • Ergonomic consulting. The duration of the activity depends on the size of the inviting company and the number of participants.

  • Nutritional counselling.

  • Lectures. The duration of the lecture varies from lecture to lecture.

  • Massages.

  • Meditation/Mindfulness Workshop.

Breakdown by activity types:

  • All prices in this agreement are before VAT.

  • In the workshops except the Meditation / Mindfulness workshop the price includes equipment and service only.

  • In the workshop the price is a participant. The number of participants must be coordinated in advance with Mayflexity Inc. at email (the "Email").

Succulent \ Cactus Planting Workshop

Up to 30 participants - NIS 65 per person.

Up to 50 participants - 60 NIS per person.

Up to 75 participants - NIS 55 per person.

Up to 100 participants - NIS 50 per person.

Cocodma Workshop

12-20 participants - NIS 175 per person.


20-30 participants - NIS 160 per person.


30-50 participants - NIS 140 per person.


50-60 participants - NIS 120 per person.


Eugenic Workshop


Minimum of 20 participants.

Cost per participant - NIS 200.


Healthy Hour

Minimum of 30 participants.

The order includes only the products without service.

If the inviting company is interested in the service in addition to the products, the service cost will be priced separately and according to the number of participants and the type of event.



The training is limited to up to 20 participants and is conditional upon signing a participant's health statement and declaring that they are eligible to participate in the activity and have no physical restriction preventing them from participating in the activity.

  • Change of training dates in one of the packages is given up to 72 hours from the training date in advance notice in writing to MyFlexity email.

  • The inviting company must coordinate with Mayflexity in writing on an alternate date no later than 30 business days from the date set in the first order.

  • The price does not include equipment but the service only.

Training packages

  • Types of packages - Knowledge package and Flexideal.

  • An acquaintance package includes a 4-workout bank.

  • The Flexideal package includes an 8-workout bank, a 4-hour nutrition or nutrition consultation, a training enrollment system, and joining the Mayflexity Benefit Club.

  • If the inviting company wants to order additional individual training over the number of training sessions in the package, the individual training cost will be NIS 400 in the introductory package and NIS 300 in Flexideal.

  • Changing the training date will allow up to 72 hours from the training date in advance notice in writing to MyFlexity email.

  • Determination of an alternate date will be by coordination and consent of Maplexity Inc. and in writing.

Nutritional counseling

  • Minimum order - 4 hours.

  • Each additional hour costs NIS 200.


  • Minimum 40 participants.

  • Activities include massage on office chairs. To order massage beds during operation, you must pre-arrange with Mayflexity Inc. by email from Mayflexity.


The activities will be coordinated by email.

The date of commencement of the activity shall be no later than 30 business days from the date of the order, unless confirmed in writing by Mayflexity.

Mayflexity will deliver the service within 14 business days according to the ordering company's requirement.

If Maplexity is unable to provide the service, the payment for the order will be refunded to the fully ordering company.

Changing the date of operation will allow up to 30 business days in coordination and written Mayflexity approval.

Change of training dates will be accepted up to 72 hours from the date of training in a written email to Mayflexity Inc.

Cancellation of activity by the ordering company up to 30 business days prior to the date of operation, if the ordering company has not announced sufficient time in advance, the ordering company will be charged at full price.

In the event of cancellation as a result of "force majeure", an alternate date agreed upon for all parties shall be adjusted without cost and without compensation.

If an alternate date for an operation is not within 30 business days of the order, Mayflexity will not be obligated to provide the service to the ordering company and the ordering company will have no claims for mayflexity.

In the above case the ordering company will be fully charged for the service.

The subcontractors who work with Maplexity have the obligation to have a certification certificate and insurance appropriate to the type of activity if necessary.

The inviting company must be prohibited during the term of this agreement and during the 12 months thereafter to employ the subcontractors or employees or service providers of Maplexity.

Terms of Payment:

Payment online via through credit card or PayPal payment.

Mayflexity will issue a receipt tax invoice as is customary in law for the requested order after payment.

Maplexity Bank details:

Beneficiary Name: Mayflexity Inc.

HP Company: 515811347

Bank Hapoalim (12)

Wave Branch (584)

Bank Account: 124384