Flexity is proud to present:

"Naim at Home" by Naim Studio and Flexity

We offer you a system through which employees can watch recorded content, whenever it is convenient for them
& from any device

Employees will be able to attend 80 live classes with a free monthly subscription

yoga, meditation, pilates, functional training, dance & more enriching content from the worlds of wellness

Our system allows maximum flexibility for employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle that suits their needs,
at any time & anywhere

Using our platform allows:

Access real data that will help you better understand the needs of your company's employees

Which content interests them?

How many of them join the classes?

When is their preferred time for activities?

Which lectures or workshops will be the most bonding for your employees?

This way you can choose live activities according to the needs of your employees

"Naim at Home" with Flexity